172: Sport and contact lenses

One of my patients has a son who is very keen on football and plays in goal. He is almost 12 years old.  He plays several times per week has the potential to go onto a high...

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171: First day in a new practice

Next week I’m starting my first job as an eye specialist following completion of my college course. I’m worried I might not fit in. What should I do? Starting a new job can be...

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170: Double-tasking

I’m overwhelmed with work and have found myself double tasking. I’ve read that some people can do this and do both tasks at the same time and do them well. I keep making mistakes...

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167: A myopia pandemic

It seems that there are many more children now coming through my practice that have myopia from around the age of 6 years old. And their myopia is progressing at every...

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