180: I’ve just started my first position as an eye specialist in an eye practice in a shopping mall. I saw a 20-year-old female with a long history of type 1 diabetes. She told me she has two reviews with her general practitioner per year and the last one was one month ago when her blood sugar levels were in the normal range. When I examined her retinas both had what looked like soft exudates. There was no one else in the practice to ask for advice. She is coming back next week for a review when a more experienced specialist will be in the practice. The image shows her right retina. The left was the same. What is going on?

I have looked at the image and to me, it looks the ‘soft exudates’ are actually a reflection of the light from your...

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176: Get some sleep

I work in a practice in a shopping mall. I start work at 9 am and work until 9 pm for six days a week and sometimes...

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How does OCT work?

OCT is short for Optical Coherence Tomography. The concept is quite simple. This technology involves directing light...

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170: Double-tasking

I’m overwhelmed with work and have found myself double tasking. I’ve read that some people can do this and do both...

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